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The Sweepstakes Ninja 'MILLIONAIRES' club is an exclusive new club for a maximum of 100 people. Ever. As a member of the 'Millionaires Club', you get the chance to win your share of prizes out of a prize pool of 1 million dollars or more, every month. 100 or more chances at prizes like cars, boats, vacations, cruises, major cash prizes, electronics, and more.

The major benefits to you are:

  • Easy Access. No searching the internet for these sweepstakes. We find them for you.
  • High-chance sweepstakes. We discovered a formula that will help you get access to the sweepstakes with the best chance of you winning. Read further for details.
  • Luxury Prize giveaways. You get 100 chances or more to win major prizes such as cars, boats, vacations, cruises, major cash prizes, electronics, and more. Imagination getting the chance to win a car every month for the next year. Or getting the chance to win $10,000 in cash. That's what you get with the millionaires club.

What you get is:

  • Easy one-click entry into these sweepstakes. When you become a member, you get exclusive access to software that you download to your computer, that automatically downloads the sweepstakes. You then press a button, and watch as you get entered into these sweepstakes.
  • 100 or more sweepstakes, worth $1 million or more in prizes. Each sweepstakes will have at least one 'major' prize, such as a car, vacation package, cash prize, and so forth. Plus, chances at many other smaller prizes!
  • New exclusive sweepstakes every month. This is a monthly membership club. That means, every month, there will be at least 100 new sweepstakes with a new $1 million or more in prizes
  • OFFICIAL launch date -- June 1st/2013! You can be part of the official launch! This service officially becomes live June 1st, 2013! And your membership will begin at that time.

Cost to join?

The cost to join is $100/month. You may sign up for one month, or you may choose to remain a member. You may cancel at any time. For the $100/month, you get exclusive access to all the above, plus the chance to win from $1 milllion in prizes. Cash prizes, cars, cruises, computers, and more. Read on for more details, or scroll down, and click the link to join now.



Click here get it now, and claim your exclusive membership spot. Only $100/month, for a chance at $1 million or more in prizes.

To give you a bit of background on why this club was started, let me explain. 

I came back from a Sweepstaking convention in Michigan in March, and had quite a valuable insight. I was talking to a number of sweepers, and many of them were talking about their big wins. One woman from New York, told me how she became 'numb' when she realized she won $5,000 from a sweepstakes. Another one was ecstatic when she won a $25,000 car. And then before I left -- I was talking to a woman who won a single trip worth $110,000. I had to ask her twice if the amount was correct, and she said yes. It was. It was a VIP trip, 8 people, to the Carribean, for 10 days. VIP service all the way -- private jet, private limos. Truly amazing. I continued talking to more people. It was amazing listening to the once in a life time experiences that people had. Like meeting famous singers backstage, in Nashville, with a one on one chat with the artists. Flying to Los Angeles, and meeting famous movie celebrities.

Very amazing.

And then. I started learning how they were winning these. I asked them what they did, and they were kind enough to share. It was a lot of work, but if you knew where to look, and how to enter, how to figure out the right odds, you could get a very good chance at winning these kinds of lifetime experiences and prizes. The thing is though -- it was a lot of work to find and enter these "special" sweepstakes. Not like normal sweepstakes. And although I already knew this -- I just realized how much people love winning big prizes, and winning a lot. And I knew I needed to figure out a way to give people the chance at being one of these kinds of winners. On the way home while driving, I kept thinking to myself, what could I do to add more value to Sweepstakes Ninja, making it more exciting. What could I do to give other people the exciting feeling that these people obviously felt. And what could I do to help give people the chance of entering this exclusive club. And then it hit me. Creating the 'Sweepstakes Ninja MILLIONAIRE club'. And this is how it works.

It is a LOT of work to be able to add these additional sweepstakes. I started understanding how these people were winning these types of sweepstakes. They were successfully finding some of the most difficult to enter sweepstakes, and winning. The odds of winning were very high, simply because so few people entered. Some were facebook. Some were twitter. Others were text. Some were captcha. Some required you to fill in surveys. Others required you to upload photos. Others had short essays. While others still required you to create a membership before you could enter. A TON of work. But on TOP of that -- unless you knew WHERE to look -- even if you did these types of sweepstakes, you could waste a lot of time. To get these added to the software properly requires a lot of customization, a lot of searching, a lot of analysis, and a lot of custom coding for each individual sweepstakes. It will actually require a team to get this put together correctly.And the cool thing about these BIG sweepstakes, is that they tend to have 100's of other prizes in addition to the 'big' prize. So when entering, you have a very high chance of winning something, if not the big prize.

So the millionaires club was born. 

  • This membership club will be EXCLUSIVELY limited to 100 people. When it is full, you will NOT be able to join, unless someone else lets their membership expire. This is because I want to keep it exclusive, and make sure you have very high chances of winning.
  • The GUARANTEE is that there will be at least 100 sweepstakes entered, within 1 month, with a combined value of at least $1 million dollars worth of prizes. 
  • The cost to join is $100, and that will be for one month. You can of course decide whether you want to continue afterwards, or let someone else get the exclusive membership spot.

Click here get it now, and claim your exclusive membership spot. Only $100/month, for a chance at $1 million or more in prizes.

The millionaires club is great. It will officially become live June 1st. That is because we have spent the last month and a half researching, and finding some of the best sweepstakes for you to enter.

This is what people have said about Sweepstakes Ninja was first released, over two years ago, let alone what they will say about the MILLIONAIRES club. 

"Two weeks ago I was the Grand Prize Winner of the KnookTM Now Giveaway! I won a white 16GB Apple iPad2 with Wi-Fi capability, one Knook Beginner Set, and six Knook Books...You're the best!" - Rich P

"Just received my first prize. I won a set of Le Crueset stoneware worth about $350 after using the Ninja for less than 2 months. That prize alone more than paid for the annual membership. Thanks for the fun and the opportunity to win" - Hugh R., North Carolina

"...this (is a) great program! I used to sweep for years (lots of snail mail) and won some very nice itemsI thought I had it made when I discovered keyboard express and Robo Form but your program is what the Kids call "the bomb". I'm retired now and what a great way to spend my extra time." - Linda D., Montana

"Two days ago I was an instant winner and won a free download on how to play better blackjack. Sweepstakes Ninja is truly the best!" - Karen K., Florida

Here is a sample of what people have been saying in the last few weeks...

"Clois du Buois cosmetic bag with nail polish, makeup. I'm sure my granddaughter will like it. Jim has won last week, this week WD." - B

"$3,000 Win - Congratulations! You recently entered online into the Find Your Way to the Finals sweepstakes for SunTrust Bank and you have been selected as our winner!" - Rich P.

"3 wins in one night - I grabbed up a few wins in one night....Northern Lights T-Shirt...A personalized platter and cutting board-My choice of design with my personalization included from Rutherford Papers. Retailed for about $100... Healthy Asian Favorites Cookbook" - Melissa L.

"First Ninja bonus win and my 2nd too... Thanks so much! I won the kid's natural deodorant and the Ipad cleaning cloth. Both are already being used!" - S. C.

"BIG Win - great way to start the new year :)... I won the Patricia Nash Leon Satchel filled with holiday essentials ($517.95) - it was suppose to come with a wallet but instead of the wallet it came with everything else plus a Kindle :) was a great way to start the year!!!!!"

"I won a [$350] watch a few weeks ago and received it in the mail today. It's really a nice watch. :D It came in the middle of some small wins. 2 books & a Colby Calait Christmas CD. A big THANK YOU to the sponsers and Ninja! I am so addicted now!"

I could go on and on, about many other wins (I literally have hundreds of people writing in, excited), but I will stop right now. This millionaires club will be amazing, and you should join. I am extremely confident you will not only like it, but you will love it. Membership will be limited exclusive to 100 people. 100 or more sweepstakes available to you with the click of a button. 1 million or more in prizes. You may cancel at any time. (But then of course, someone else can take your membership spot). So once that's gone, you will not be able to join. So join now!

Click here get it now, and claim your exclusive membership spot. Only $100/month, for a chance at $1 million or more in prizes.


PPS, if you have read this far, and still aren't convinced of the value, let me know what you'd like to know.If you want, you can even give me your phone #, and I'll personally call you back.

So what are you waiting for?