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Sweepstakes Ninja Special Access Newsletter!

One thing that can be frustrating about sweepstaking is actually finding good sweepstakes to enter. There are literally thousands and thousands of sweepstakes offered every single month, but finding the 'good' ones can be hard.

Sure, you can go to sweepstakes directory sites, sort by company, name, etc. You can also spend time in google searching for specific types of sweepstakes. But it's really time consuming, and then sometimes you also find that they've already expired, aren't open to the USA, or something else.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could enter a sweepstakes, knowing you had a really fantastic chance of winning? Wouldn't it be nice to have the company send you an e-mail, phone you, and say 'Congratulations! You are a winner!"?

Well, that's why we have the Sweepstakes Ninja "Special Access Newsletter!"

It is a supplement to the Sweepstakes Ninja software. The newsletter contains sweepstakes that we've literally hand picked over thousands of others. We choose these sweepstakes because they tend to have high odds of winning, a lot of prizes, or both.

How do we know they are good for you?

Simple - we use this criteria in finding them:

  • Difficulty in entering. More difficulty = better chances for you, because so few people take the time to enter. They might be thing like CAPTCHA sweepstakes, multi-form sweepstakes, short essay, short quiz, and so forth. Lots of people win from these types of sweepstakes when they enter.
  • Watching winners lists. Basically - we look to see if a bunch of people are posting wins from a specific sweepstakes. If they are - that usually means it is an 'instant-win' sweepstakes with lots of prizes, still open - meaning you can have a chance of winning instantly too. These types also tend to have big grand prizes, in addition to the hundreds or thousands of instant win prizes.
  •  Form Filling Difficulty. Most 'average' form fillers can fill in 'most' sweepstakes forms. People who like entering sweepstakes tend to do that. But if a form is 'difficult' (i.e., meaning most form filling software can't fill it in) - then people tend to skip these. Because it's "work" to type something in by hand. They skip them - not realizing that their chances of winning are quite good. We include these kinds of sweepstakes too.

Usually every other issue we hear of at least one winner - and the group of people subscribing to this newsletter is incredibly small. So it's remarkable to hear about wins - with so few people entering from it.

So what does that mean for you?

When you subscribe - you save hours of time searching for the best chance sweepstakes - and can instead enter them in minutes. You can join an elite group of people who have excellent chances of winning, and perhaps even be the next winner announced in the newsletter. And it's easy to use. Simply click - enter, and then do it again.

So how do you get the newsletter?

Simple. Click on the link below, and sign up:

The newsletter is $10/month, and you get two newsletters every month. Usually on the 15th, and 30th of every month. That's only $5/newsletter, less than the cost of a few stamps to send mail-ins. And you can get great chances of winning.

So what are you waiting for? Try it out now, and see for yourself! Click the link below, and sign up!