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About Sweepstakes Ninja

Hi! My name is Johnathan, and I created Sweepstakes Ninja because it was something my mother really wanted. She loves the thrill and surprise of winning random prizes in the mail, and was spending hours upon hours every single day entering sweepstakes. She wanted a faster and easier way of doing that, so contacted me, and Sweepstakes Ninja was born. My mother has won everything from gift cards, to cash prizes, to VIP backstage passes to rock bands.

Sweepstakes Ninja helps you enter hundreds of sweepstakes every day in minutes, not hours - giving you thousands of chances of winning prizes from amazing companies every single month. You enter from your own computer, choose what you want to enter, and support the companies (because you see what you are entering, their advertising). Ideally, when you have a win - you promote them through word of mouth advertising as well, truly making it a 'win-win' scenario.

I personally have been in this industry since 2008, and have been attending Sweepstakes Conventions since 2011. I have talked with thousands of "sweepers" (people who like to enter to win - to help them maximize their winning chances), as well as hundreds of company owners (to help them better run their promotions and maximize their return - so they see value in running the sweepstakes, and continue to run more). I've had Fortune 500 companies sponsor prizes at these conventions because they see the value in what I do.

Here is a picture from one of the most recent conventions, in which seven lucky winners were invited to participate in the "Taste of a MILLIONAIRE'S! Lifestyle Sweepstakes". From super stretch limosine service, to dining in one of THE most exclusive restaurants in town, then getting exclusive VIP access to one of the hottest clubs in town, these were the lucky winners of the "Taste of a MILLIONAIRE'S! Lifestyle Sweepstakes"...

Get Sweepstakes Ninja, and learn how you too can increase your chances of winning prizes like these!