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Sweepstakes Ninja Affiliate Program

(Signup Limited Time Only)

Thank-you for your interest in becoming an affiliate for the Sweepstakes Ninja software application, which helps you win more, faster! With the affiliate program, you can earn great commissions for promoting a product you love! You can earn between 25-40% in recurring commissions (higher commission as you sell more), which means you get paid every month, for every lead resulting in a sale that you generate! 

How to Sign Up and get started!

Step 1. Sign up for the affiliate program. 

To sign-up for the affiliate program, please use this link below:


Our affiliate sales are handled through a company called Avangate.com. You will need to enter payment information (where/how you should be paid). Afterwards, they will send you an e-mail containing your affiliate account information. They review the account to make sure the information is filled in correctly, and you should have a new account within 24 hours. If you do not receive an e-mail within that time frame, let us know and we will look into it for you.

Step 2. Send us an e-mail with your affiliate ID.

Once you have signed up, send us an e-mail to affiliates <at> sweepstakesninja.com. You will need to give us the e-mail that you used when you signed up, as well as your affiliate ID, so that we can activate you as an affiliate. Generally speaking, we will be able to respond to you within 24 hours.

Step 3: Start Promoting!

To promote the software, you will simply use a link like this:

Your Affiliate Link: (For the monthly $29/month)

Your Affiliate Link: (For the $249/yearly)

Where "***YOUR_AFFILIATE_ID***" is replaced with your affiliate ID! The product ID is for the SweepstakesNinja Software.

Optional Affiliate Link: (Send us an e-mail for this kind of link)

Alternatively, we can set up a 'special' affiliate link for you on our site like this: http://www.sweepstakesninja.com/username_supersweepstakes/ (which has your affiliate link embedded within the URL). If you would like to use this format, let us know what 'username' you want to use, send us an e-mail, and we will set it up for you.

This type of link is also really good, because it will track "both" kinds of purchases, PLUS - it will let people find out more about the software before making a purchase decision. (The first two links are "direct" links - i.e., if you already "know" someone wants to buy it. The last link will let them "think about it" -- by allowing them to find out more about the software, then make a purchase).

Payout Structure


1. All of the payments are recurring. This means that customers are billed on a monthly or yearly plan (whatever they choose), and you get a percentage of each recurring sale while the customer has an active subscription. For example, that means that if someone signed up for a monthly membership, which is $27/month, that you would get a percentage of that sale each month while the person is active. So, if that same person had a subscription for 12 months, and this was your very first sale, you would get paid $7.25/month, for 12 months. At the end of the year, you will have made $87.00. If they kept their subscription active, you would continue to get paid. Yearly memberships are $249, so that means you would get $62.25 for each yearly membership that you sold.

2. Commision % (percentages) are tiered. That means that you are rewarded for the more sales that you bring in. So, for the first 1-250 sales that you generate, you will get 25% per sale. And then, any sale after that you would get 30%. So for example, let's say that you made 300 monthly subscription sales in one month. That would mean that you would get (250 sales *$7.25/month commission) + (50 sales * $8.70/month commission), = $2247.50/month in recurring sales. If each customer then kept their subscription for the full year (12 months), you would get paid for those 12 months as well, so your year-end total in commissions would be $26,970.00. When you reach a new tier, you need to contact us with your name & affiliate e-mail/ID. We will then doublecheck/review that you have reached that number of sales, and then change your % accordingly.

Recurring Payment Table

First 1-250 Sales 25% of sale.
Monthly memberships = $7.25/month, while subscription active.
Yearly Memberships = $62.25/year, while subscription active
250 Sales and above 30% of sale.
Monthly memberships = $8.70/month, while subscription active.
Yearly Memberships = $74.70/year, while subscription active

Important Note!

In fairness to other customers, you may not 'refer' yourself as an affiliate to make a purchase (i.e., getting a 25% 'discount' on the software for your own purchase), unless you meet the following criteria. If you sign up ten other people within a 30 day period, then you will be able to keep the commission ('discount') for your own purchase. If you want to get ten other affiliate sales first, and then make a purchase, that is fine as well. Otherwise, if you do not have ten other people that have signed up from your affiliate referral 30 days after you make a purchase, then you will not receive the affiliate commission for your own purchase. This helps to keep things fair for other customers, and helps to ensure that affiliates that are truly interested in earning extra income are able to do so fairly and get credited for their referrals.



Sample Images, Banner Ads, Text, and more!

 You can use any of the sample images below to help you in your promotional efforts. If you need help in creating a new image, let us know and we can see what we can do in terms of putting together a custom image for you.











Sample Boxshot Images
(Custom boxshots and angles available upon request)



Amazon.com 'Sweepstakes MILLIONAIRE' book!


Link: http://amzn.com/1492174610


Sample Screenshot Images
(More sample screenshots available upon request)



Sample Promotional Methods to help make you sales

One of the best ways of promoting something is through word of mouth advertising. That means, you simply telling people that you know about something that you love. So far, our users love this software! And we expect that anyone you introduce to it will too. Of course, it goes without saying that you should never spam. All of the methods below are ways that will keep other people happy, and you happy at the same time as you make sales. So, ideas on how to promote this software include the following:

1. Forums. If you are an active and respected member of a forum, generally speaking it is ok to include links to products or services that you like. You can post a link in that forum, and tell people to visit this site. Of course, that link would have your affiliate ID or username. If you have a number of forums you'd like to promote in, you may wish to use an 'optional' affiliate link, which we can set up for you.

2. Your own website. If you have your own website, of course it is an excellent idea to place advertisements on it. Generally speaking, "text" advertisements work better than "image" advertisements, because a lot of people have gotten used to seeing banner ad "images", whereas they will actually read and click on text ads. Also a big hint -- you should use blue, underlined text, because that lets people know that they can 'click here
'. If you would like us to help you create an ad specifically for your website(s), please let us know the website URLs, the types of users you get to that site, and we will see what we can do.

3. Newsletters. If you have any kind of opt-in newsletters that you either own or have access to, then generally speaking that is ok. You should probably send out an e-mail letting your users know about the software. Of course, if you are excited about it, let them know that too! :)

4. "Review" type articles. People love honest and genuine reviews. If you would like to do a review of our software and place that on your site, or an article directory, that is fine. Generally speaking, you should put into point form what you like about the software, how it can help them, and so forth. Of course, when you win something, let them know about that too! Then, at the end of the review article, make sure to include your affiliate link, letting the reader know that they should click on it to get access to the Sweepstakes Ninja.

5. "Videos". Videos are great. Tutorial videos work very well. Videos showing prizes that you won and how excited you are to have won work very well. If you would like to create a tutorial video for this software, or sweepstakes in general, then you can do that. In most 'video directories' (i.e., youtube, dailymotion, etc), you can also include a 'link' to a website for more information. Of course, you would include your affiliate link to this site, here.

6. "Paid Advertising". If you would like to do Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc, then that is ok. Please make sure that the ads are 'genuine' (i.e., 'honest'). If you have a question about whether wording for a particular advertisement is 'ok', send us an e-mail and let us know. We will then let you know if it is ok or not.

7. "Actual Sweepstakes". If you have a sweepstakes site yourself, or are offering some form of sweepstakes, contact us and let us know the details. We can probably provide either a monthly or yearly license as part of the prize package, depending on the number of users participating in your sweepstakes. Of course, we can offer suggestions on how you can run a more successful sweepstakes too if you wish.

These are some of the ideas for promotional methods. If you have another idea that you do not see listed here, let us know and we can see about adding it to this list.

Thanks! & Best of Luck!

Sweepstakes Ninja