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Here is a list of common questions. Simply click on the link that corresponds to your question, to be taken to the answer immediately.

How do I install my license key?

Premium Members: When you placed your order, you will have received an e-mail that looks something like this. The text that is in BOLD is your username and license key information.

Your username (everything on one line, name, e-mail and phone number) and license key, is:

yourname, youremail@wherever.com, 1231231234

1. Please access the full version by going into the 'About' menu of the Sweepstakes Ninja software,:
2. Clicking on 'Enter Username/License key Information'
3. And then cutting & pasting the two lines above. Press 'OK' once done

You will then get access to the SweepstakesNinja Full Version. As new features are added, those will automatically be installed when you re-start the software, and you will get instant access.

Tech Support

You need to cut & paste that information into the software. If you need to see how to do that, please see this video tutorial by clicking here. It will show you step-by-step what you need to do.

Can I upgrade from my Premium Monthly Membership to Premium Yearly Membership?

If you have only had your monthly membership for less than 30 days, then yes, you can upgrade your premium monthly membership to a premium yearly membership. Simply send us an e-mail, and we will provide you with the upgrade URL. Any time after 30 days you will need to use the regular order page out of fairness to other premium monthly and yearly members.

Can I order by PayPal?

Yes, you can order by PayPal. However, it is not possible at the moment to have a 'monthly' membership that auto-renews, so if you choose the monthly option, you will need to renew your membership at the end of the month to continue it. If you would like to order a one month membership for PayPal, then click here. If you would like to order a one-year membership by PayPal, then click here.

I am getting a message that says "Run time error "339" component "mscomctl.ocx"or one of its dependencies  not correctly registered". How do I fix this?

Somehow, your system does not seem to be installing core files that are important to running visual basic applications, so you need to download a patch from Microsoft. Installing this file should fix it: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=CB824E35-0403-45C4-9E41-459F0EB89E36&displaylang=en

If you still experience difficulty after installing this file, please let us know.

I am getting a different error message, what do I do?

If you are having difficulty installing the software, (i.e., if it crashes on your system), it is important to take a screenshot. Without a screenshot, it is very difficult for else to help you. For a good tutorial of how to take a screenshot, go here: http://www.take-a-screenshot.org/, then it to to 'techsupport _at_ sweepstakesninja.com'. Also, please include: the type of operating system you are running, how new/old your computer is, as well as 'when' it happens. (I.e., do you get an error message when the software starts? Do you see a welcome screen/tutorial? Do you see a place to enter your profile information? etc, etc). This will help us to figure out exactly what is happening, and then provide a working solution for you. Thanks!

I tried downloading the software, but get a message saying 'Setup Files Corrupted'. How do I fix that?

Chances are your browser cache has not been cleaned, so it is essentially 'confusing' your browser. Alternatively, it could be over aggressive anti-virus software, so, a couple quick solutions.

1. If you are using firefox, try downloading the software in Microsoft Internet Explorer. This works 99% of the time. And vice-versa (if you are using MSIE, try firefox, or a different browser).

2. Clean your cache, then re-download the software. In most browsers, you can usually find the cache settings in something like 'internet->tools->options->cache'. Then clean it.

3. Try turning off anti-virus and/or firewall software (but of course, turn it back on after successfully downloading it). Some anti-virus software works "incorrectly", in that it essentially "tries" too hard to identify viruses, etc. In the process of doing so, sometimes it will prevent legitimate programs from running, and/or downloading. You can also try turning off your firewall. If you inadvertently blocked some website addresses (again, some software is 'over' eager to do this), that might be preventing you from successfully downloading and/or installing the software.

4. If none of the above still works -- then I recommend doing this. Go to a friend's computer, using say a USB thumb drive, and download & copy the software there (using the download link right below this item. You will need to cut & paste it into your browser). Then, take the thumb drive back to your computer, and install the software on your system, then it should install.

The software loads in the sweepstakes, but doesn't start. How do I fix that?

There are a number of different possibilities. Please read below to see which one may be applicable to you.

1. Norton Anti-Virus may be blocking it (and/or as other 'anti' virus software, i.e., WebRoot, McAfee, ZoneAlarm, Avast, Kaspersky, BitDefender, F-Secure, Trend Micro, etc., etc.) Sweepstakes Ninja periodically downloads updates, to 're-install' itself and include new features, improvements, and so forth that you may not have had before. If the software one day all of the sudden stops working, quite possibly you are running Norton Anti-Virus, or another anti-virus/internet "blocking" type of software application.

Norton Anti-Virus has a very "aggressive" anti-virus feature, that unfortunately affects good programs as well. To fix this problem, you need to (a) Give Norton permission to run Sweepstakes Ninja, and (b) Remove 'Sweepstakes Ninja' from Quarantine (most likely where Norton Anti-Virus put it). As soon as you do this, the software should start working again, and you can be on your way again to Sweepstaking!

(b) Alternatively, depending on the virus scanner, this is what some people found worked. Uninstall Sweepstakes Ninja, Uninstall your anti-virus application, re-install Sweepstakes Ninja, then re-install the anti-virus software.

2. Firewall Settings. The software needs to 'communicate' with the Sweepstakes Ninja website. If you have a very 'strict' firewall, it may be preventing this kind of communication. To find out how to change your firewall, go to google and type in the word 'change firewall', with your operating system (windows xp/vista/7/8/etc). So for example, you might type in "how to change firewall settings in windows 7".

3. 'Network' Connection Windows sometimes acts very strange depending on your 'network connection', which may interfere with operation of the software. This is sometimes true on Windows Vista & above machines. For example, if you changed your network connection to 'Home Computer', (instead of 'Public Computer'), it may be preventing the software from communicating with the website. To fix this, go into google and type in 'How to change network connections', plus the operating system you are using. So you might type something like 'How to change network connections in Windows 7'. Try changing it to a 'public' computer setting, and see if that works. A good 'visual' example can be seen here. Make sure you pick/choose "public" network.

4. 'Automatic' Windows Updates (i.e., Windows 8). Sometimes if you are running windows, it may 'automatically' update certain core components of windows. Unfortunately, Windows does not always do this perfectly, and can accidentally 'overwrite' existing software. This may cause the software to not run correctly. If that happens, re-install the software using the download link you were given, and it should fix it.

5. Administrator Mode. Sometimes - for some strange reason - the software does not automatically get installed in something called 'Administrator Mode'. (Specifically, Windows 7 and higher). The software needs permission to install to your computer as an admin. To do this, download the software to your desktop. Then, instead of just 'clicking' on the icon, "right" click the icon. A little menu should pop up. In that menu, it should say something like "Run as Administrator". Click on that link. If any popup says "Are you sure you want to run as Administrator?", click yes. Then install the software. And it should work.

6. Alternative Solutions. Sometimes -- you may have either installed software that is 'incompatible' with other software, which is interfering with the software. One solution is to run the software on a 'different' computer. Another solution (if feasible), is to 're-install' your computer. If you do 're-install' your computer, make sure you back up all important documents and files first (because otherwise they won't be there after the re-install). Re-installing can sometimes 'clean' your computer of anything you may have accidentally installed that is interfering with the software.

I am using RoboForm, and sometimes the manual form filling doesn't work correctly. How do I fix this?

Roboform sometimes may interfere with the proper operation of Sweepstakes Ninja, specifically 'manual' form filling, and some of the 'MILLIONAIRE' club sweepstakes. This is because Roboform may try and 'fill in' a form, right after Sweepstakes Ninja has. If this is the case, then you may need to temporarily 'turn off' Roboform, while running Sweepstakes Ninja. To do this (taken from the eHow.com website):

1. Go to the Windows taskbar and right-click the "RoboForm" icon.

2. Click "Options" from the sub-menu. If prompted by Windows for security reasons, click the "Yes" button to run RoboForm settings in administrator mode.

3. Go to the "General" section, select the box for "Show 'Enable/Disable RoboForm' command in main menu" and click the "OK" button. This shows the option to disable and enable RoboForm from its main menu.

4. Click the "RoboForm" icon again and select "Disable RoboForm." RoboForm now does not automatically fill in your sign-in credentials on websites or ask to save usernames and passwords.

5. To turn Roboform 'back on', after you are finished running Sweepstakes Ninja -- Click the "RoboForm" icon and select "Enable RoboForm" to enable the password management software.

I have purchased a membership, but needed to re-install Sweepstakes Ninja, but can't find the download link. Where can I download the Sweepstakes Ninja?

As a full version member, you may download the latest version from here (please note, you may need to re-enter your license key):


Can I use this software on two computers?

If you are the only person using the software, and you want to have it on a 'backup' computer (i.e., a laptop, or a desktop at home and a computer at work, etc), then this is acceptable. However, if more than one person is using the software at the same time, or more than one person is using the software, you will need to purchase a 2nd license. Please note, that there is code in place that will detect multiple usage. If it appears that the software is being used by multiple people, the license will be automatically disabled, and you will need to contact us to have it re-enabled.

I purchased the 'CAPTCHA' support, but it's not working! How do I get it to work?

'CAPTCHA' support requires the ability to connect with our server. If you are running any type of antivirus software, firewall software, etc -- you need to give it permission to do so. Here are some tips/strategies:

1. Antivirus -- make sure your software allows 'outbound' connections, and allows "sweepstakesninja.exe" to connect to other websites.
2. Firewall -- 'temporarily' turn your firewall off to see if this helps solve the problem. If it does -- then it means that some 'rule' you have in your firewall settings is interfering with the software. You need to give it a 'special exception' for Sweepstakes Ninja (the 'sweepstakesninja.exe' file). Afterwards, it should be a-ok. (And of course, turn your firewall back on aftewards!) 3. "Deskop Composition". - On some (newer) computers, some specific manufacturers may set a 'wierd' setting on your computer that causes the software to not load captchas correctly. For example -- if you start the software, and see a 'gray box' on the loading screen (when it loads in the sweepstakes), then you may have 'desktop composition' enabled. To turn this off -- go to "Control Panel->System->Advanced System Settings->Performance Settings->[ ]Enable Desktop Composition. Then, exit the software, restart it -- and see if it works for you.

After using this two different strategies, your 'captcha' entries should process properly.

I placed an order, but I have not yet heard anything back. How do I get my order processed?

Our payment processor (Avangate) is based out of the Netherlands (Holland). For some banks (& associated credit cards), you need to call/phone them to give them special permission to place an order.

If you tried placing an order, but it didn't go through, then call the phone number on the back of your credit card. Then, talk with a representative, and tell them you wish to make an online purchase, and that you are giving them permission to process the transaction. Once they fix things on their end, try placing an order again, and it should go through. In the case of PayPal, simply send them an e-mail, and someone should fix it from their end. Then place the order again, and it should go through.

Alternatively, you can use our 'backup' payment processor (which is based out of the USA, and called 'iPortis.com'), by clicking on one of these links:

For a monthly membership, click here

For a yearly membership, click here

The software locks up/freezes/crashes when I use it. How do I fix that?

There are a few things that could be causing this.

1. You are running a form filling program such as Roboform, that may be interfering with the entering process. (Roboform sometimes will try to 'overwrite' ninja entries, which can confuse your computer). If that is the case, please see here on how to fix that: How to fix Roboform

2. Alternatively, a select few people seem to have strange issues with their computers that periodically lock up certain sweepstakes. This is the sweepstakes site itself (not the software).

So to prevent this issue from happening, you need to 'disable' the sweepstakes website that is causing the issue. To do this, follow this procedure:

Next time you start the software:

1. Click on the "Tools->Advanced Settings" menu item.
2. You'll see a "Save Sweepstakes As you enter them" checkbox. Make sure this is checked. (This is turned off by default to help the software run faster).
3. Close the window.
4. Click on the 'Enter Sweepstakes for Selected Profile!" button.

If it "freezes"/"crashes" again -- next time you "restart" the software -- you will be able to see the "last" successfully entered sweepstakes for the profile you were working on, simply by scrolling down the list.

It will say something like:


where the last entry (the one the software 'froze' on), is simply "blank".

De-activating a Sweepstakes

Click on the "green checkmark" to make it/turn it into a "red x". This will make the software "skip" the sweepstakes that is causing the problem. Also -- once you find that out, let us know specifically which sweepstakes it is, and we will look into it to see what is causing the issues, and if we can create a custom solution for your computer system.

Deleting a Sweepstakes

Alternatively, you can "delete" the sweepstakes that is causing the issue. To do that - highlight it (simply by clicking on it), and then in the lower left hand corner, there is a "delete sweepstakes" button. Once you do that, it will delete the sweepstakes, then refresh the list. Now try entering, and everything should work a-ok!

Closing the PREVIEW Window (F2)

Many sweepers tend to have 3rd party browser add-ons (i.e., say Roboform, sitting in Microsoft Internet Explorer, as well as "search"/"ad" toolbars, etc). If you have one of these, and one of those componenents recently 'updated' itself - it could be interfering with Sweepstakes Ninja.

Before running the sweepstakes - try closing the 'preview' window (F2), and then click submit on all sweepstakes. If indeed everything runs a-ok, then this is most likely the issue. So we may help keep the software the best possible - if you discover this is the issue on your machine, please tell us which 3rd party tools you have, version of MSIE you have, and the sweepstake(s) that happens on, so we may see if we can find a workaround solution for those sweepstakes.

Anyways, closing the window in this case will solve the issue.