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Read the 1000's of winning reviews posted here. Sweepstakes Ninja has been around for a very long time, before the advent of google reviews, facebook reviews, and so forth, and has helped create 1000's of winners. Read the winning stories shared here: www.sweepstakesninjaforums.com/viewforum.php?f=11 (please create a free forum account to view).

Some of the bigger wins people have won from Sweepstakes Ninja include :

There have been hundreds of smaller wins, ranging from $100 gift certificates, to gift packages, to appliances, to small vacation packages and more. Some of the wins include the following:

(Please create a free website forum account to view the details of these, because members only wished to share these wins with other forum members)

The list goes on and on. There are pages and pages of winning reviews of prizes people have won from using sweepstakes ninja.

The software is so good, that in fact many people don't share their wins - because they don't want other people knowing about the software. (The software was so successful for some people, that there were a couple people that got jealous, and so we stopped publishing winners names because those jealous people were trying to cause some issues.

The software works, and is effective. You should try it out for a month yourself and see how easy to enter.

Basically, Sweepstakes ninja is this.

  • Sweepstakes Ninja speeds up entering 100's of sweepstakes forms
  • You use it on your own computer, on a PC/Windows laptop computer
  • Each day, you start the software, and sweepstakes sites are downloaded to your computer
  • You choose what you want to enter
  • The software then visits each website page from your own computer. You see what you are entering. You see the sponsor websites, you see their advertising.
  • You then 'click' to enter, and move onto the next sweepstakes!

It saves you 3-5 hours of time every day, and helps you maximize your winning chances.

Questions? Need more information on what it is? Click here, or e-mail us at techsupport <at> sweepstakesninja.com. OR, try out the software yourself today, by getting a premium membership here: Click for to become a member