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Sweepstakes Name: abc.SoapsInDepth.com [CAPTCHA] - Win Recuerdo Mezcal! ($0)
Sweepstakes Expiry Date: 2020-08-18
Type of Sweepstakes: Daily
Sweepstakes URL https://winit.abc.soapsindepth.com/sweepstakes/win-recuerdo-mezcal-29551
Sweepstakes Prizes: Don't miss out on your opportunity to swag out with UFC superstar Jorge Masvidal's Recuerdo Mezcal. Recuerdo Mezcal is awarding three (3) lucky winners a memorable prize package that includes two (2) hats, two (2) shirts, two (2) traditional veladora glasses, two (2) tote bags and of course a bottle of Recuerdo Mezcal. ($125 value) Recuerdo Mezcal is available in two varieties, with and without Gusano, and is proudly owned by UFC “BMF” Titleholder Jorge Masvidal. Recuerdo Mezcal is cooked with only certified wood over river rocks and distilled with traditional Mezcal production techniques that are honored and proven to produce the finest final spirit. The agave is sustainably harvested in Oaxaca, in a manner that ensures the preservation of the agave plant and the environment. Recuerdo Mezcal is available with Gusano for those who prefer the silky texture the agave-worm gives the liquid, as well as without the agave-worm for those who seek smoky notes with less complexity. Recuerdo Mezcal is intended to be savored not rushed, in other words sipped with besitos (Spanish for kisses). Try it out for a traditional taste of Oaxaca! Enter now! To Enter: must be 21 year of age and older and prize cannot be shipped to states who do not permit alcohol shipments.

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