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Sweepstakes Name: FHM.com [CAPTCHA] - Win a $25 Visa Gift Card and a Festive Holiday-Themed Breaking Games Basket! ($100)
Sweepstakes Expiry Date: 2018-12-14
Type of Sweepstakes: Daily
Sweepstakes URL https://winit.fhm.com/sweepstakes/win-a-25-visa-gift-card-and-a-festive-holiday-themed-breaking-games-basket-26370
Sweepstakes Prizes: Ten (10) winners will get a festive holiday-themed Breaking Games basket and a $25 Visa gift card! Award-winning Breaking Games publishes some of today's hottest and most popular card and board games, available at Walmart, Target, Barnes & Noble, GameStop, BreakingGames.com, and more. Breaking Games will provide each of the 10 winners with some of their most popular holiday games, as well as a $25 gift card to purchase even more, which can be found at BreakingGames.com. The holiday-themed Breaking Games basket will including the following items: MIXTAPE - Bring out your cassette player because MIXTAPE is back! This music-themed game gives you an opportunity to play the soundtrack to your life. Music tied to memories, memories tied to emotions, emotions tied to life. Sparkle Kitty - An adorably fun, social, and magical spell card game for all ages, sizes and genders. Luckily, these are no ordinary princesses and you are no ordinary player. Sparkle Kitty lets you take matters into your own hands to harness simple and sweet words into special spell combinations to set yourself free.The game's core message is differences are what make us unique and interesting and powerful, as every princess is a different nationality, size and possesses unique strengths. Fake News - While some decry "Fake News," Breaking Games offers the real deal with their interactive game. Players score points for the most hilariously believable headlines using different cards. With 225 cards, the zany, wacky, crazy, believable but unbelievable possibilities are endless! Game of Phones - THE game for people who can't put down their phones. You'll learn funny and unexpected things about other players with card prompts like: "Find the best selfie," "Take an extreme close up picture," "Best text from a family member," and many more. Players have 60 seconds to respond with the most entertaining, appropriate or downright weird things they can find or do on their phones. Game of 49 - A Mensa-recommend game, players start the game with $49 and a supply of chips, where the goal is to get four chips in a row. Players need to bid, budget, battle, and buy their way to victory. Enter now!

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