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Sweepstakes Name: FirstForWomen.com [CAPTCHA] - Win a Fall Trends Giveaway! ($0)
Sweepstakes Expiry Date: 2021-12-02
Type of Sweepstakes: Daily
Sweepstakes URL https://winit.firstforwomen.com/sweepstakes/win-a-fall-trends-giveaway-30414
Sweepstakes Prizes: The Temperatures are changing and so are the leaves, which can only mean it is Pumpkin Spice season! Celebrity Gifting experts Backstage Creations (you know, the ones behind the gifting suites backstage at events like the EMMYS and ESPYS!) have created a gift bag full of goodies to celebrate Fall, just for you! From vegan faux fur to chakra balancing workout gear, you'll be styling with this prize package. Enter for one (1) chance to win! (Value $535.00) The Bundle Includes: Agni- Essential for women 16+, the Women's Health Box was crafted with a Medical Advisory Board to replenish the micronutrients and vitamins that women most often lack, and provide them in the most bioavailable and delicious form: Food.https://agniforall.com/pages/womens-health-box Blake's Hard Cider- Blake's Hard Cider Co. is an independent, family-owned Michigan craft cidery which grows, presses and ferments our own apples on our farm, which provides an authentic and uncompromised craft hard cider experience. www.BlakesHardCider.com Prize is hat Dragon 88 Garden Bouquet Pillows- Luxury Style for your Interiors, no watering needed. www.dragon88.com GEYED- GEYED Conscious Clothing targets the 7 chakra locations to unblock, align and heal emotions associated with each chakra- ENERGY Bra with Dalmation Jasper Crystal (Color Black). www.thegeyed.com PRESS Premium Alcohol Seltzer- PRESS is the elevated seltzer experience on the market that is made with unique flavor combinations of fruit and spice and crafted to remove gluten. www.enjoypress.com Prize is promo item. Silver Jeans Co.- Inspired by vintage, made for right now – the Frisco Jean from Silver's 30th Anniversary Collection features a high-rise fit in a faded black vintage wash for a timeless look and feel. www.silverjeans.com SpiritHoods- SpiritHoods is an animal inspired apparel brand dedicated to the conservation of wildlife (10% of proceeds goes to endangered animals), the celebration of life and our connection to each other. www.spirithoods.com Vacation, Inc.- The Scent of Sunscreen and Summer, The Signature Scent of the World Famous Vacation Sunscreen Company as featured in our classic lotion, developed with Carlos Huber of ARQUISTE Parfumeur and Rodrigo Flores -Roux who developed scents for Clinique Happy, Tom Ford, and St Regis Hotel. https://www.vacation.inc/ Work It Towels- Work It Towels are premium quality, incredibly soft, absorbent and motivational gym towels created to inspire every body to move. www.workittowels.com Items in photo subject to change based on availability- some colors and styles may vary. Courtesy of Backstage Creations. https://www.backstagecreations.com/buy-shop-like-a-star/ Enter Now!

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