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Sweepstakes Name: FishBowlPrizes.com - MAF GOLD SHIRT + Membership ($37)
Sweepstakes Expiry Date: 2017-12-27
Type of Sweepstakes: One-Time per Household
Sweepstakes URL http://www.fishbowlprizes.com/giveaway/7138/maf-gold-shirt-+-membership/
Sweepstakes Prizes: Everybody wins - just the registration is necessary, guaranteed! The overall winner will receive an exklusive MAF Shirt! Good luck :)
EVERYBODY WINS! We as humans are always striving to improve ourselves. You want to live as fast as possible. To want to die as young as possible. You want to become the best you can be in the least amount of time possible. You donīt want to die too early. Itīs time to improve yourself to become good in every area of live. Donīt live life with the average skills you have already. Itīs possible to become better in everything you do - in little to no time. IF YOU TAKE ACTION NOW YOU WILL GET THE WHOLE MAF GOLD MEMBERSHIP FOR FREE FOR LIFETIME! The membership costs 37$ per month (which is a value of 444$ per year). Every registration is a WIN! The membership is expected to be launched on 1st of January 2018. Every registration till 1st of January 2018 is a FREE MEMBER, guaranteed. That means if you win this lottery or not, you have at least won the Membership access as some kind of consolation prize. The overall winner will also win one exclusive MAF Shirt! That means if you are the one who wins this whole lottery you will not only win the exclusive MAF Shirt but also get access to the MAF GOLD Membership once itīs launched and open for everyone! This means a win of 481$. Letīs make 2018 the best of your life! Please remember the site is in german, because first the site will be launched in german. But soon the site will be available in english too! Also remember once the lottery is over the shirt will be printed exclusively for you and shipped to your home. This takes some time, but no longer than 60 days!

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