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Sweepstakes Name: FishBowlPrizes.com - One of THREE free Erba Bottles ($150)
Sweepstakes Expiry Date: 2016-12-11
Type of Sweepstakes: One-Time per Household
Sweepstakes URL http://www.fishbowlprizes.com/giveaway/3292/one-of-three-free-erba-bottles/
Sweepstakes Prizes: The Erba Bottle is the Eco-friendly food-grade stainless steel water bottle with a built-in filter.
The 3 lucky individual winners will receive a FREE Erba Bottle, the eco-friendly food-grade stainless steel water bottle with a built-in filter valued at $50 each ERBA is proud to provide the Eco-friendly alternative to bottled water as part of our mission to protect our environment and to promote healthy living.You will be assigned a number/chance of winning per action you complete below.2 x entries to win: Like Erba Bottle's FaceBook page: facebook.com/erbabottle AND like the official giveaway post: http://goo.gl/JKgwZw2 x entries to win: Follow @erbabottle on Instagram and like the giveaway post at instagram.com/erbabottle 5 x entries to win: once you've entered your e-mail, you'll be asked to "share" the giveaway, do this for 5 bonus entires!We will assign a number to each entry and use www.random.org to pick the winners.In the end we will update our giveaway details here, on our FaceBook and Instagram page displaying the 3 winners.The winner will be announced publicly on FaceBook, Instagram as well as contacted via e-mail.You can view the item here: www.erbabottle.com/products/stainless-steel-water-bottle-with-built-in-filter Note: There are 3 individulal prizes that are given out - there is no $150 single prize given at the end.

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