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Sweepstakes Name: FishBowlPrizes.com - WIN 5 SEQUINS PILLOWCASES! ($67)
Sweepstakes Expiry Date: 2017-05-01
Type of Sweepstakes: One-Time per Household
Sweepstakes URL http://www.fishbowlprizes.com/giveaway/5190/win-5-sequins-pillowcases!/
Sweepstakes Prizes: We want to show our appreciation to our great customers. Winner gets 5 sequins pillowcases of your choice and OF COURSE with free shipping.
We will be calling this the #PillowCatchChallenge. Get the joke? ............I'm pulling your leg; there was no joke. Lol. But let's get to it. MUST FOLLOW us on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and 3 other social medias (Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Fancy) Social Profiles on our website. Total of 5 follows [1 for each sequins pillowcase] MUST share 5 of our pillowcases on the same 5 social medias you follow us on. TAG US. MUST like 5 of our pillowcases on the same 5 social medias you follow us on. TAG US. MUST comment on 5 of your favorite pillowcases on the same 5 social medias you follow us on. TAG US. And yes, you're right. [1 for each sequins pillowcase] :) MUST pick 1 pillowcase from our store and tell us your story. For instance, you might want to pick our sky blue "smile Pillowcase" . Your story could be about how you suffered from bullying, low self esteem, or depression or something, but your overcame it by finding something to be grateful about and smiling. Catch my drift? We want to hear your stories because like I said; every pillowcase tells a story. (note: I caught you by surprise with that 1 instead of a 5 lol) MUST tell 5 friends. There will be no referral links or anything; just that good old-fashioned WORD OF MOUTH and TRUST. Good luck! Well, after all these 5's, this should be called #5Challenge. I wish you all the best. HIGH 5!

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