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Sweepstakes Name: IdeasAndDiscoveries.com [CAPTCHA] - Win a Set of COOP Memory Foam Pillows! ($0)
Sweepstakes Expiry Date: 2023-02-13
Type of Sweepstakes: Daily
Sweepstakes URL https://winit.ideasanddiscoveries.com/sweepstakes/win-a-set-of-coop-memory-foam-pillows-31270
Sweepstakes Prizes: Enter to win one set of COOP Memory Foam Pillows! (Value $140.00) Microfiber NOT TOO SOFT, NOT TOO HARD, BUT JUST RIGHT! —the Original is the pillow of Goldilocks' dreams. Filled with a plush blend of memory foam and microfiber, the Original's medium firm density allows you to enjoy both support and comfort. Combined with our waterproof Pillow Protector and Cooling Pillowcase, you'll have yourself a good night's rest every night. WANT YOUR LOVED ONES TO FEEL CARED FROM A DISTANCE? We designed our care packages as an all-in-one, easy, and thoughtful gift to send to your friends and family. Our Super Cool Bundle is a hot sleeper's holy grail. ADD YEARS TO YOUR PILLOW'S LIFESPAN – Why not add years to your pillow's lifespan by keeping it fresh and clean with our Pillow Protector? It is conveniently zippered, soft and breathable. Washable and reusable, specifically designed to keep your pillow safe for years to come. CHILL OUT ALL NIGHT – Offering maximum breathability, the cooling jacquard fabric will transform the feeling of any pillow. Meanwhile, the reverse side of the pillowcase has a cozy, matte texture to prevent the pillow from slippin' and sliding Enter Now!

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