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Sweepstakes Name: SlapYoDaddyBBQ - 2017 Giveaway Ė Snake River Farmís King of Steaks Package
Sweepstakes Expiry Date: 2017-06-17
Type of Sweepstakes: Daily
Sweepstakes URL http://www.slapyodaddybbq.com/2017/05/bbqpkg0717/
Sweepstakes Prizes: 2017 Giveaway - Snake River Farm's King of Steaks Package (Prize Value: Not Specified)

Prize details:

I've partnered with my friends at Snake River Farms to give away this King of Steaks Package
There will be 1 winner1 for this Snake River Farm giveaway.

Snake River Farms - King of Steaks Package
This package contains:
2 American Wagyu Black Grade T-Bone Steaks - Can't decide between a New York strip steak and a filet mignon? You can have both of these premium cuts in a single Snake River Farms American Wagyu T-Bone Steak. Cut from the short loin, these thick-cut steaks are flavorful and delicious. These American Wagyu beef steaks are highly marbled, packed with rich beef flavor and equally at home on the grill or butter-basted in a cast iron skillet.
2 American Wagyu Gold Grade Sirloins (10 oz) - Snake River Farms Gold Grade Top Sirloins have a greater amount of marbling than other sirloin steaks, which makes these unique cuts intensely flavorful and rich with beefy taste. These steaks have the firm texture associated with the sirloin cut, but feature the same delicious essence of Japanese Wagyu beef.
1 American Wagyu Black Grade Cap of Ribeye - Is it possible to have a product in smaller supply than the Snake River Farms Cap of Ribeye? Yes, it is. Introducing the Gold Grade Cap of Ribeye. Gold Grade features the highest level of marbling available from Snake River Farms. The Gold Grade Cap of Ribeye has an even higher amount of inter-muscular fat to take an already decadent cut of beef to an extreme level. The cap of ribeye is regarded by true beef connoisseurs as the most desirable cut of American Wagyu beef. This luxurious steak is also called the ribeye cap, deckle steak, calotte or spinalis dorsi and refers to the small portion of beef (or cap) that surrounds the center of a ribeye roast.
1 American Wagyu Black Grade Flat Iron - The flat iron steak is not well known, but has long been a favorite of butchers and beef experts due to its uniform size and delicious taste. It's sometimes called a top blade steak and comes from the shoulder or chuck. The Snake River Farms flat iron features intense marbling and a robust beef flavor that stands on its own or marries perfectly with your favorite rub or marinade. Sliced thin against the grain and placed on a bed of greens, the flat iron makes a fresh and savory summer meal. This "steak ready" cut weighs approximately one pound and a half, is trimmed and ready for the grill or skillet.
1 Jacobsen Salt Packet (4 oz)

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