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Sweepstakes Name: SweepOn.com [CAPTCHA] - Win Maddie Rae’s Slime Glue & Jars! - Sweepon.com ($65)
Sweepstakes Expiry Date: 2017-09-18
Type of Sweepstakes: Daily
Sweepstakes URL http://www.sweepon.com/sweepstakes/win-maddie-rae-s-slime-glue-jars-20562
Sweepstakes Prizes: Enter to win Maddie Rae's Slime Glue & Jars! Get all the tools you need to create your very own slime at home with Maddie Rae's Slime Glue. Three (3) winners will get two gallons of Slime Glue and six jars to store your slime in. The Maddie Rae's Slime Glue & Jars prize pack includes: One (1) gallon of clear Slime Glue One (1) gallon of white Slime Glue One (1) 6-pack of Slime Jars (with white lids) Due to the overwhelming popularity of the activity which requires glue as its main ingredient, 11-year-old Madison Greenspan had trouble getting her hands on the sought-after commodity. Countless stores and even websites were selling out of white and clear glue. After having difficulty purchasing glue, Madison wanted to solve this problem. She worked with her father's product development team on developing Maddie Rae's Slime Glue, which is offered in 8 oz. 3-packs and gallons in both clear and white. Maddie Rae's is the only glue on the market specifically designed for slime making. Maddie Rae's slime is safe, washable and non-toxic and also contains polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), which when combined with borax, makes for the best slime consistency. Once you're doing playing with your slime, store it in Maddie Rae's Slime Jars! Offered with white or black lids, these 12-ounce jars are air-tight for prime slime storage. All Maddie Rae products are available for purchase on SlimeMaking.com. Enter now!

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