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Sweepstakes Name: WomansWorld.com [CAPTCHA] - Win a $1,250 Cash Prize! ($1250)
Sweepstakes Expiry Date: 2018-07-31
Type of Sweepstakes: Daily
Sweepstakes URL http://winit.womansworld.com/sweepstakes/win-a-1-250-cash-prize-25149
Sweepstakes Prizes: Focus in on your summer fitness and health goals for FREE! One (1) winner will receive the July $1,250 Cash Sweepstakes, but only after submitting repeated back-to-back entries from now until the last day of the month. ($1,250 value) In the summer, there's plenty of more time to spend in the sunshine! And among trips to the beach and running into the ice cream truck on numerous occasions, all that time spent outside should also inspire a fitness routine you actually enjoy doing and adopting better, healthier eating habits. That's why we're giving one winner the chance to take home the July $1,250 Cash Sweepstakes! Use your winnings to buy home fitness equipment like resistance loop bands to tone your legs and arms, a foam roller to soothe sore muscles, a small set of dumbbells to add overall definition, and much more! Or invest in a fitness performance tracker to keep an eye on your steps and monitor your heart rate and sleep patterns no matter where you go. However you choose to spend your $1,250 cash prize, make sure to submit consistent back-to-back entries each and every day until the last day of the month! There's no limit to how many entries you can submit at any given time — the more entries, the merrier and the better your chances of winning will be! So start entering now (if you haven't already) to jump-start your newfound wealth for health.  Enter now! How Can You Make This Cash Yours? Submit as many repeated back-to-back entries as you can until July 31, 2018 to help increase your chances of winning this special Sweepon Now! prize.

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