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Sweepstakes Name: FirstForWomen.com [CAPTCHA] - Win an Assortment of Fitness Gear! ($0)
Sweepstakes Expiry Date: 2021-07-14
Type of Sweepstakes: Daily
Sweepstakes URL https://winit.firstforwomen.com/sweepstakes/win-an-assortment-of-fitness-gear-30101
Sweepstakes Prizes: The best starter fitness bundle to get you started on your fitness journey! Enter for six (6) chances to win! (Value $150.00) The 3 brands featured in this bundle is, PatPat: has tons of awesome athletic gear that will help get your fitness on track! Between workout clothes, running shoes, yoga mats, and resistance bands (pictured above), they have something for everyone wanting to get fit this spring. The brand known for uber affordable, comfy and cozy clothes for baby, kids and family matching has items to help support your health and wellness too! Learn more at patpat.com. PATH: If you're always on the go and love the convenience of plastic water bottles but are looking for a solution to reduce waste, then check out PATH! An innovative, environmentally-friendly water bottle where you won't have to give up your grab-and-go stash due to their refillable bottled water. Choose from 9 bottles or 18 and stay hydrated throughout your day! PATH bottles can be kept stocked in the pantry, office or car for sharing with friends or picking up the slack when you forget your regular bottle. This Earth Day, break the use of single use water bottles with PATH! Learn more at drinkpath.com. Stealth: Looking for a fun and unique way to get your fitness in? Check out Stealth — an amazing fitness tool that turns your body into a game control while you plank. Stealth allows you to work 29 muscle groups while playing video games. Yes – you get to play video games AND work out at the same time! Learn more at www.trystealth.com. Enter Now!

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